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Dr. Ettikan Kandasamy Karuppiah

[Brief@19 years of technical, design and architectural experience (in embedded and distributed software engineering); 13 years of technical people/project leadership both local & international, 10 years of Division P&L/Leadership responsibility, world-market quality product R&D experience in MNC, enabling rapid research results into commercialization; leading industry partnership; diverse R&D experience and a self-guided, visionary, innovator, people focused and results-oriented leader; 50> Intl-Patents filed/granted, >70 Intl Papers/Publications] =!www.ettikan.org!=


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Ettikan KK., with Ph.D (in the area of Distributed Computing), MSc (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Computer Science is currently attached to Nvidia (Singapore) as Director of Developers’ Ecosystem, APAC South assisting innovators, researchers and techno-entrepreneurs to accelerate GPU adaptation for their R&D and software solutioning needs using various methods including Deep Learning/Machine Learning. He has direct experience and passionate in accelerated computing/software research, design and development covering end-to-end needs.


Prior to this he was with TM R&D as GM for Computational Sciences Division responsible for Division Leadership with 5 different R&D Labs, overseeing various type of projects including commercialized R&D projects, research projects, PoC projects, to be commercialized projects, university collaborative projects and direct business engagement project. Previously he was with MIMOS Bhd @ Information Communication Division as Principal Researcher and Director of Accelerative Technology Lab. He was responsible at different lead capacity/role in the areas including organization/division level Research Definition & Management, Group/Team Leadership, Software Architecture, Design Architecture and Solution Architecture. During this period (MIMOS), he and his team (Accelerative Technology Lab which was formed by him in 2012) undertook various R&D Projects in the area of BigData Analytics, Algorithm Design/Optimization, Network Protocols, Cluster Computing, Configurable Networks, Wireless Protocol for Embedded Systems, GP/GPU, FPGA, Many/Multicores, Distributed Computing, AV Processing, P2P, QoS, Data Processing, Machine Learning, Image Analytics, System Optimization/Parallelization and System Performance Acceleration. His team has been granted with various internal & external grants for the above projects R&D. Current primary focus being in various domain (Text/String, Image, Video, Network Protocol, Finance, Crypto, Statistical, Predictive) algorithm R&D, Library Design, Distributed/Parallel System that translates into patents, libraries, middleware/framework/application software, papers and application. Some of the example of applications that uses the libraries/software includes fraud detection (AML), data cleansing (PERKESO), MoH (Data Warehouse), MoHR (Jobs Malaysia Search Engine), PDRM (Data Analytics, Customs (Image/Data Analytics), Financial Risk Management, Data Scrambling/Encryption/Decryption, Video Conferencing, Large Data Analytics, Network Processor, Video Enc/Dec etc.


Being the leader, he has successfully drove key research activities leading to on time project delivery which was later taken-up by other software development team within MIMOS, Contract Research Partners and also external companies (Technology Recipients) as part of software platform for commercialization purposes. During this period he was instrumental and lead in establishing a “GPU R&D and Compute Solution Center” (http://gpu.mimos.my) jointly funded and governed by Nvidia, HP and MIMOS, serving as the center of GPGPU related R&D activities by collaborating with international companies, universities and industry partners. He also holds various other roles & responsibilities within the department. The R&D work cuts across multiple Labs, technical areas and expertise for which he is directly involved for innovative & novel solution creation. He also serves various other roles at external organizations in advisory roles such as MDeC, and Universities.


Previously (2005-2011) he was with Panasonic R&D Centre Malaysia, Cyberjaya as Principal Engineer (cum Group Manager) being responsible in IP, AV, distributed and embedded communications protocol R&D activities. Being the first to be hired for PKLL/A TDG department (Panasonic Kuala Lumpur Laboratory/Advanced Technology Development Group), he was responsible to setup, initiate collaborative R&D activities with Corporate Lab partners in Japan (Hub)/Singapore and formulating R&D strategies, processes and methodology for the newly established Lab. Beside department leadership/management activities, he also directly involved in R&D activities where 18JP/International patents [15-Independent & 3- Dependent] were successfully applied (in the process of granting/published/applied) in the Home Networking/Network Processing products (4 successful key CE products) and ~45 reviewed conference/book chapter/journal paper publications. In year 2009, under his leadership PKLL/ATDG was awarded STAR grant (by MDeC/Malaysian Government Agency) for strategic research activities at PKLL/ATDG as part of Panasonic corporate research lab program. During this period he was actively engaged at various lead role including managing, leading, researching & developing solutions in embedded system communication areas at ATDG.


Previously he was with Infrastructure Software Organization, Infrastructure Processor Division of Intel Corporation <2005-2001>, Penang, Malaysia, as Manager/Lead/Sr.N/W S/W Engineer. During this period, he has worked on IXP1200 ATM/AAL2 design and development, NAT/NAPT design for IXP2400/2800, IXP225 Embedded Network Processors (NP) System Testing and led the IXP4XX/IXP2XXX NP System Test team. During this period he has successfully obtained 4 US patents (2-Independent & 2-Dependent - Granted). He was also responsible for IXP225 System Test knowledge transfer back to Penang from Intel-Ireland and setting up the new team including the system test lab. Besides, he also played the consulting role as the IPv6 expert for the department in various projects/instances. Prior to joining Intel, Ettikan was with Multimedia University, Cyberjaya (MMU) (2000) as a Lecturer in the area of Computer Communications, High Speed Networks and Programming. He also held R&D Engineer position with NTT MSC Sdn Bhd (1999) working in ATM/IP related research areas. Prior to that he was a lecturer at Stamford College Penang (1998-1997) while working on his Master’s Degree.


He is also actively engaged in technology sharing programs with local/foreign Universities serving various positions (Industry Advisory Panel); University Program Chair for Intel/Panasonic-MMU; Research Project Mentor; Research Guide HCMUT/Vietnam; Joint Project with USM/MMU/UTAR etc; Guest Lecturesetc). He has performed multiple consultancy services specific to his area of expertise within and external to his company. He was a certified PMP and has wide project/people management experience from the above mentioned projects, cross teams, region & culture. IEEE member and participates in IETF activities.



Contact: ettikankk at gmail dot com or ettikankk at yahoo dot com

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